Cooperative Parish Youth Ministry

Parishes & youth leaders within the diocese are realizing the value of and importance of having combined youth events on a monthly or bi-monthly basis. For some parishes, these events are in addition to regular youth meetings.  For other parishes, these are the only youth meetings available to the youth in their parish.

Cooperative Parish Youth Ministry takes a commitment from the parishes involved.  For a cooperative group to work, the leaders must be committed to attending planning meetings and the events – even if only one of their youth attends a combined youth activity.  The leaders must also be able to roll with the punches of life.  Attendance will go up and down depending upon the activity.  Meeting together as a cooperative group, leaders can look at the patterns of participation and work together to plan events that will be inviting to the kids.

I am available to meet with parishes interested in starting a Cooperative Parish Youth Ministry. Please contact me so we can talk!

Portland Westside & Eastside (WE!) Cooperative Youth Ministries

WE! We Welcome Everyone is a group of youth leaders in the Portland Metropolitan Area who meet together once a month for community, networking and to plan combined youth activities.  This group is committed to meeting on a regular basis, sharing event information with their youth groups to encourage attendance, and participating in monthly planned events.