Thirty plus days, but who is counting?

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Michael welcomes another new Episcopalian in Salem

The other day I mentioned to the staff that I would be starting my Sabbatical in a bit over 30 days. The energy in the room went up! During the next few months the staff will be managing the day to day operations of the diocese as they always do and they will have added duties to cover for the fact that I am less available to them. I expect all to go well in the diocese and with the staff because we have an excellent group of individuals in the right jobs doing the right work! I thank all the members of the staff for their hard work and dedication and for the opportunity to take a Sabbatical in the good knowledge that all is going well in the diocese.

One particular area of our common life that does need attention in the next month is the appointment of individuals to serve the diocese on the Commission on Ministry for the Baptized.  This group, which deals with matters of discernment for ministry for those whose ministries are within the lay order, is in need of a number of new members, particularly lay members! We have five places on this commission to fill and we are in need of good candidates for this year’s diocesan convention. I ask that you consider who in your parish might be someone with the skills to assist in this work and that you communicate the names of potential candidates to me soon. Thank you in advance for reading this and acting on it.

Finally, today I simply want to thank Anne Emry and the good people of St. Paul’s in Salem for a good visitation. Ann and the leadership of St. Paul’s did a great job of being present to the work of God in community and the Spirit was with us as we welcomed many new Episcopalians into the Church! What a Blessing.