Part of our responsibility as a Church body is to call people forth to work for the good of God’s people and all creation. While every person within the body of Christ is called to ministry of some kind, this manual is the guidebook for those discerning a call to the ordained ministry and those who support and direct them. It outlines the many steps, people and groups that are part of this particular discernment process that begins in a person’s local congregation.

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1. Developing a Congregational Discernment Committee

2. Ministry Shadowing Report

3a. Vestry Endorsement for Postulancy Diaconate

3b. Vestry Endorsement for Postulancy Priesthood

4. Applicaton for Postulancy

5, Social History Form

6. Behavioral Screening Questionaire

7. Life History Questionnaire

8. Request for Oregon Criminal History

9. Medical Examination

10. Psychiatrist approved information

11. Mental Health Evaluation

12. For release of information to diocese

13. Vestry Reaffirmation of Endorsement for Candidacy

14. Vestry Endorsement for Ordination to the Priesthood

15. Vestry Endorsement for Ordination to the Diaconate