The complete process for congregations to call new priests to provide spiritual leadership is outlined in the Diocesan Policies and Procedures Manual.

The search for an ordained person to fill a vacancy as priest-in-charge, rector in a parish or vicar in a mission is a far-reaching event in the life of a congregation. It can be a time of anxiety as well as a time of hope. The congregation can best use this time to better understand its mission, reevaluate its goals, recognize and deal with problem areas and prepare itself for new leadership.

For information about transitions or to be considered for deployment in the Diocese of Oregon, please contact our Transition Minister and Canon to the Ordinary, the Rev. Neysa Ellgren at or 971-204-4103.

Transition Process

Clergy who are retiring or resigning to take another position please contact our Transition Minister/Canon to the Ordinary and our Bishop to inform them of your plans to start the transition process. Clergy interested in an open position contact our Transition Minister stating your previous experience, strengths and the type of position you are looking for.

Congregations have lay leadership contact our Transition Minister as soon as the current priest has announced his/her departure date to begin the transition process.

The Bishop wants to offer clergy and congregations a deployment system that is clear and uncomplicated and that includes options:

  • Full Search
    The congregation can go through a full search process involving hiring an interim priest, the development of a parish profile, a time of receiving resumes and interviewing candidates followed by the call of a new priest. This process is normally the longest process but gives the congregation the most control of the process.
  • Bishop’s Assisted Search
    The congregation may opt for a modified process whereby the congregation hires an interim and develops a parish profile, but the Bishop’s office receives the resumes first and does the initial vetting before sending the most qualified candidates to the search committee of the congregation to interview and the vestry/BAC to issue the call. This process is normally shorter
  • Priest-In-Charge
    In some cases the congregation may opt for a modified process whereby the congregation develops a parish profile and send it to the Bishop’s office asking the Bishop to suggest one or two candidates for them to interview and call a priest-in-charge. This position is for a time specific at which time the priest is eligible for election as rector or vicatr.
  • Appointed
    In rare cases the Bishop may appoint a priest to a position for a time in order to stabilize a congregation in a challenging situation. This would be done in consultation with parish leaders.
  • Deacons
    Are appointed to a congregation by the Bishop. Deacons wishing to move to a new congregation or come in to the diocese from another diocese are invited to write to the Bishop to request consideration of a move. Congregations seeking the services of a deacon also contact the Bishop’s office to see what potential matches are available.
  • Associate and Assisting Clergy
    Are hired by the current rector, vicar or priest-in-charge, after consultation with the vestry/BAC.

Check here to see the congregations in our diocese currently in the transition process.

For general information regarding licensing of clergy or to become a supply priest for our diocese please contact our Bishop’s Executive Assistant Mrs. Marie Bagwell at, or 971-204-4116.

Compensation for Supply Priests

Mileage: $0.565 per mile

One Service/ Sermon – $150.00
Two or More Services – $200.00

Per Service – $100.00

Vestries and Bishop’s Advisory Committees are urged to pass a resolution designating all future Supply Clergy Compensation as reimbursement for Housing and Utilities, in accordance with standard IRS regulations

Check here to see our current list of supply clergy available and the area of the diocese in which they live.