In the 160-plus years since the first church was established, the Episcopal community in Western Oregon has grown, expanded and redefined what it means to join God’s mission in the world. As a community of over 18,000 baptized members, the church in Western Oregon eagerly shares its vision of how good God’s love is. Consequently an important aspect of our work in the church is communication. Consistent communication practices are important on many different levels, whether we are communicating within our own congregations or with the greater surrounding community.

The purpose of the documents available on this page is to establish  a framework of policies and procedures that will aid in crafting communications throughout the diocese. Program leaders, committee and commission members, clergy, and diocesan staff; all will be able to use these resources to make sure their communications are consistent in structure and ready for distribution on multiple platforms and venues.

For our member churches these documents will provide the same kind of assistance. Many already have communications policies and procedures in place and these guidelines are not meant to supplant those, only to provide support and resources for those areas where guidelines may not exist or are under development.


Diocese of Oregon Digital & Social Media Guidelines