Here you will find information regarding Premium rates for  Medical, Dental, Life Insurance, Short Term and Long Term Disability. Downloading the Insurance Manual Handbook will also have information regarding Retiree benefits through Church Pension Fund.


The Denominational Health Plan passed at the Diocesan 2011 convention and went into effect January 1, 2012.

Lay personnel working 1000 hours or more a year shall be offered Medical, Dental Insurance. Whatever percentage a parish pays for their clergy’s medical & dental premium, the parish must pay the same for lay personnel.

There are three exceptions for an employee to opt out.

1) Lay or clergy are covered under their spouse’s plan

2) Have healthcare benefits through a government sponsored program (i.e.) Medicaid or TriCare

3) Coverage from a previous employer

Should a clergy person opt out because his spouse has coverage for either clergy or their children, you still must offer a family plan to lay personnel. Clergy, applying for a position with the Diocese, must be offered our Medical and Dental Plan. It is up to the parish/mission and the new clergy to negotiate benefits. For more information regarding the Denominational Health Plan, please contact the Insurance Administrator in the Bishop’s office.

Notice: Before calling a retired clergy to your parish/mission, who is on Medicare and has Medicare Supplemental coverage, call the Diocesan Insurance Administrator to ascertain if you qualify under the Medicare Federal Regulations.

Medical & Dental Premium Rates 2013

In October 2004 the Finance & Insurance Committee recommended to the Board of Trustees that the Diocese participate in the Medical Plans of The Episcopal Church Medical Trust, New York City, NY.

Effective January 1, 2013, there are four Plan Carriers:

  • Aetna Select EPO and POS II
  • Empire BCBS EPO 80 and 90, PPO 80/60 and PPO 90/70
  • Kaiser Permanente EPO, EPO Mid and EPO High Option
  • United Health Choice 80
Plan Name Single Spouse/Child Family Increase %
Aetna Choice POS II (Open Access) $761.00 $1367.00 $2128.00 5.73
Aetna Select EPO $665.00 $1199.00 $1865.00 5.73
Empire BCBS EPO 80 $652.00 $1176.00 $1828.00 5.73
Empire BCBS EPO 90 $697.00 $1254.00 $1949.00 5.74
Empire BCBS PPO 80/60 $750.00 $1351.00 $2099.00 5.76
Empire BCBS PPO 90/70 $809.00 $1456.00 $2265.00 5.74
Kaiser EPO 80 Plan $589.00 $1060.00 $1648.00 5.77
Kaiser High Option EPO Plan $732.00 $1319.00 $2050.00 5.78
Kaiser Mid Option EPO Plan $713.00 $1284.00 $1997.00 5.78
United Health Plan Choice 80 $590.00 $1064.00 $1655.00 5.75
Employees Assistant Program $5.00 $5.00 $5.00 0